123BIM Road Safety Audit


Road Safety Analysis Technology

Ensure The Safety of Your Roads

Sight Distance Methodologies Revised

traditional methods use straight edges and graph paper.

Watch the difference between outdated sight distance methodology versus RDV’s 3D sight distance analysis.

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Planning and Design Projects

Our platform uses a systemic approach to road safety based on precise virtual models of roadway geometry for every lane, ramp or intersection.

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Existing Roads

Using data-driven analysis of LiDAR and other 3D scanning technologies, RSA 3D can be used to identify deficiencies for a variety of safety parameters.

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Full Report

The analysis provides a clear image of the inherent flaws found in the geometry of any road and provides a full report provided in HTML, ready to export for total integration with your existing solutions.

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More than just sight distance

Reveal substandard safety-related conditions when it comes to bridge clearances, clear zones, glare and drainage.

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