Road Safety Analysis

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Road Safety Analysis

Your Approach To Safer Roads

RDV uses a systemic approach to road safety, identifying safety deficiencies in the 3D environment of the roadway network and provides insight into potentially hazardous sections of the road.

Our technology provides analysis in just a fraction of the time as compared to conventional methods.

1. 3D Road Data Input and Preparation:

  • Existing roads: LiDAR, Reality Mesh, DTM
  • Proposed designs: 3D design data from DGN, DWG, Open Roads, Infraworks, Civil 3D, Sketchup and more

2. Analysis Objectives and Parameters Setup:

  • Use of AASHTO standards
  • State DOT standards
  • User customizable

3. Reporting and Integration:

  • Downloadable CSV files
  • Online HTML reports
  • Integrate with Google Maps
  • Integrate with Proprietary Data Systems

4. Analysis Types:

  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Stopping Sight Distance
  • Intersection Sight Distance
  • Flat Spots
  • Curve advisory reporting
  • Glare


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