3D Project Modeling and Visualization

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3D Project Modeling and Visualization Services

Reap the benefits of visualization with no change to your design process.

RDV uses its RDV Publishers application to create an interactive, 3-D virtual model of your project showing the proposed designs superimposed on the surrounding existing conditions using your project data.  This project data can include:

  • Survey data and topographic models
  • GIS shape files
  • Aerial imagery
  • 3-D reality mesh models
  • CAD design data, ranging in detail from early conceptual layouts to detailed final designs
  • Traffic simulations
  • Guidance and examples for structure styles, aesthetic treatments, etc.
  • 3-D models from other modeling applications (e.g., Sketchup, 3ds Max)

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Remote Collaboration

Host, share and navigate through the 3D model for real-time design review with remote participants.


Integrate visualization throughout the entire project development process, from early concepts to final design.

Rapid Delivery Times

We know how important it is to deliver on time, every time.


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